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There isn’t anything strange in the fact that babies can learn sign language. They aren’t able to learn whole sign language, but there are some basic signs they can learn and understand. As you know, babies are excellent mimics, and they have excellent memory in first years of their life.

You don’t have to teach children normal sign language; you can simply teach them how to express their needs and emotions through signs. They will pick these things rather fast, and you will be able to communicate with them even though they can’t say a word. Here on the Baby Sign Language Shop we will give you some general info about benefits of sign language teaching, and in future we will give you examples of some basic signs you can teach your baby. But the best option is to do a little search because there are some courses about sign language teaching you can attend.

Levels of frustration, both for you and your baby, will go down once it learns few signs. At the beginning it will be hard, but with a patient approach you will be rewarded. You also must be careful because a baby can’t fully mimic the sign, but it will be close to the sign you have shown.
The bond between you and your baby will be stronger with sign language. If a child doesn’t know sign language you don’t know what they are thinking and what they are trying to tell you. This gap disappears with sign language. Whenever your child has something to convey, they will do that through signs, and the basic knowledge that you have understood them will be enough to bring you two closer.

Many parents who have heard about sign language think that it might impair the child’s understanding of speech, but the effect is, according to research, opposite. As you converse with your child through the sign language you should speak the words represented by signs. This will help your child to connect the words with signs, and their vocabulary, once they start to speak, will be improved.

As I have mentioned early in the article you will have to possess some patience if you want your child to learn sign language. You can start teaching sign language to your kid once it is 6 months old, but first 4 or 5 months will be very slow. Real desire to communicate develops only when the child is around 10 months old, and only then your child will increase the speed in which it learns signs.

First signs that you should teach your baby should be things that it is interested in. Babies will pick them faster than the things that they hate or avoid. At the beginning, try with words for food or drink and something similar. It might take some time for the child to repeat the sign, but you shouldn’t give up after few days.As the time passes and your child learns basic signs you can try to raise the level and go with more complicated signs, the effect will be pleasing.

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They say it’s never too early for communication. From a younger age, while they are still fragile, we must communicate with children. In that way, we will understand their problems and needs in the future. So if you are interested about teaching your baby a sign language, you should know that is a good idea.

Did you know that researchers confirmed that babies, although they cannot speak, can understand our words and signs when they are six months old? Knowing this information, you can be in touch with your baby’s needs.

For example, whenever he or she is thirsty or hungry, baby can tell you that. Well, not literally, as I said babies cannot speak. So if you want to start teaching your baby sign language, which is DPT certified, then go ahead and do it. This is what you need to know.

You must know that you will need time and patience. Teaching your baby sign language can be long and difficult road. This process will not be done immediately. You should all be aware of that. If you understood that, then we can go to the next step, and that is getting a sign language dictionary.

This dictionary is available in a baby sign language shop. In this book you will find all the commands for your baby.

When you took this book, then you can start giving the commands and with that process you will create involvement between your gestures and baby’s needs. When you try to teach your baby a word you must say some word and show him the specific sign for that word. During this interaction you should repeat the word and the sign as frequently as you can because the repetition is necessary if you want your baby to learn. If you need some examples of how teachings should look like then pay attention to the next paragraph.

Use bottle of milk for example. First show your baby his bottle and then later with mimic use imaginary bottle with one hand and put it in the palm of your other hand. Then it is very relevant to repeat the process with your baby’s hand. Assist your toddler, make the indication to it by guiding its hands with yours. However, if you breastfeeding your baby, then you must use other sign for milk. The most usual sign is opening and closing your fists while your thumps are up.

That’s right, by giving your baby several thumbs ups; you will teach it how to communicate with it when it is hungry. This is because this sign looks like the process of milking a cow. However there is more about this process. You never know if it’s your baby still hungry, so you’ll need to show it the sign for more food. When you collect all your fingers as a unit and then with both of your hands go to touch and untouch, that is how you suggest the sign for more.
This is just one of the signs, and if you want to learn more just simply go and find this book.

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